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Goodstock Ambassador Feature: Chef Brandon Mooney of Macaroni Joe's

Goodstock Ambassador Feature: Chef Brandon Mooney of Macaroni Joe's

When people visit Amarillo’s Premier Dining Destination, Macaroni Joe’s, they expect an experience that transports them beyond the physical boundaries of West Texas. The independent restaurant has delivered on that promise for over 20 years, fusing flavors and styles from around the world in the heart of West Texas. 

Part of that experience comes from the design of the space, which feels like you’ve been invited to a luxe Tuscan villa, and the impressive wine list and its accompanying staff sommelier play a significant role as well. But the heart of Macaroni Joe’s is its kitchen, and under the guidance of Executive Chef Brandon Mooney this standout establishment has reached new heights. 

Growing up on a farm, Chef Brandon has worked with food all his life, and he began cutting his teeth in a professional kitchen at the age of 14, learning from a classically trained chef at his parents’ restaurant in Ovalo, TX. This early indoctrination instilled in him a dedication to finding and using the finest local ingredients, which he carries to this day. 

So when Chef Brandon assumed responsibility for the kitchen at Macaroni Joe's, he evaluated every supplier from produce to protein, to ensure that they met his high standards. It was through this process that a wonderful partnership was born with Goodstock by Nolan Ryan. 

While Macaroni Joe's had a well-earned reputation as a fine-dining destination, Chef Brandon wasn't satisfied with the steaks that he was serving. There were issues with the consistency in both receiving deliveries and in the product that came in the door, from flavor to marbling. 

In the end, he found a perfect partner who could meet his exacting needs. Goodstock's U.S.D.A. Prime-grade Black Label Beef, and the team who works with Chef Brandon to keep his supply reliable, deliver on every important aspect of the program for Macaroni Joe's:

  • First and foremost: the highest quality beef. When Chef Brandon tasted the Goodstock product, he found the excellent, natural flavor he was looking to deliver on every plate at Macaroni Joe's;
  • Consistency of the fat content and marbling on the steaks, and the reliability of delivery;
  • A local provider that lives in and supports the Texas community;
  • Great communication with the Goodstock team;
  • Confidence that the animals were raised and treated right throughout the process, from Goodstock's adherence to the Temple Grandin Responsible Cattle Care Program. 

Since making the switch to Goodstock by Nolan Ryan, Chef Brandon has taken note of the positive customer feedback and compliments from guests. They have recognized Nolan's signature on the custom plates provided by Goodstock, and it has enhanced their overall experience. And the bottom line: Macaroni Joe's has moved through more beef since it started serving Goodstock steaks.

Chef Brandon is proud to serve as one of Goodstock's first Chef Ambassadors, and looks forward to sharing the finest beef with his customers. 


About Goodstock Ambassador Program:

Goodstock is honored to partner with discerning chefs and pitmasters across Texas and beyond who recognize the difference consistently high quality craft beef can make for their businesses. Visit our Ambassadors page to learn more and meet all our crew.