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Setting the Standard for Animal Welfare Regulations

Dr. Temple Grandin Partnership with Nolan Ryan for Animal Welfare Regulations

We partner with
Dr. Temple Grandin

We're the first company to invest in and adopt the Temple Grandin Responsible Cattle Care Program. We believe it's our duty to ensure that only partners providing proper animal care are included in the Goodstock program. While we work with industry leaders, it’s our duty to ensure they remain accountable and true to their word. 

Our commitment to animal welfare is based on the Five Freedoms

• Freedom from pain and injury or disease 
• Freedom to express normal behavior 
• Freedom from hunger and thirst  
• Freedom from fears and distress  
• Freedom from discomfort  

Black Angus Cattle Promoting Animal Welfare Regulations

Our animal welfare requirements have been founded on and adopted from a culmination of various guidelines from industry-leading organizations. To learn about those programs, visit the links listed below.