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Food Service Inquiries

The Finest Beef For Your Restaurant. For Certain.

Our job is to make yours easier. We know that when we successfully bring our partners the highest quality beef on the market seamlessly, they can spend more time creating amazing experiences for their guests.  

We can do this because we’re a small team at Goodstock, and everyone’s here because they’ve earned it. Our customer service team consists of experienced, industry leaders who have operational knowledge in distribution, supply-chain management, fulfillment and stock supply, food safety, and product development. With over 50 years of experience in this business combined, our team has built valuable relationships that hold up when push comes to shove. Simply put, our customers' orders get filled with the highest quality products. Period. 

Experience the difference that Goodstock beef can make for your restaurant today by contacting your local representative below.

  • Ben E. Keith - North Texas
  • Byrne Brothers
  • Performance Food Group - North Texas
  • Sysco - North Texas
  • US Foods - North Texas
  • Ocean Beauty

Rob Sullens
Area Sales Manager - North Texas

(817) 773-0341


  • Ben E. Keith - San Antonio
  • Labatt - San Antonio
  • Performance Food Group - Temple
  • Sysco - Central Texas
  • US Foods - Austin
  • Ruffino Meats

Morgan Foster
Area Sales Manager - Central Texas

(740) 339-9138


  • Ben E. Keith - Houston
  • Buckhead Meat of Houston
  • Performance Food Group - Houston
  • Sysco - Houston
  • US Foods - Houston
  • Ruffino Meats
  • Gordon Foods - Houston

Cheryl Niman
Area Sales Manager - Houston

(832) 477-0277