Goodstock Ambassador Feature: 1775 Pitmasters Brad and Brandon Doan

Goodstock Ambassador Feature: 1775 Pitmasters Brad and Brandon Doan

BBQ is a deceptively complex art. At some level, it's as simple an equation as meat + smoke, but anyone who has eaten at more than a couple of BBQ establishments can tell you that there's a world of difference between an acceptable plate and what a next-level pitmaster produces.

The magic of a transcendent brisket requires creativity, innovation, and high quality ingredients. Goodstock is proud to provide the latter to partner with a select roster of talented pitmasters who recognize the difference that a focus on quality beef can make in their business. We are proud to announce the very first Goodstock Pitmaster Ambassadors: Brad and Brandon Doan, of 1775 Texas Pit BBQ in College Station, TX. 

You can read more about the Doan brothers' story in several articles from the leading authority on Texas BBQ, Texas Monthly, including this profile from 2018, their inclusion in the 2019 list of the Top 25 New BBQ Joints, and this recent piece with updates since they signed on as Ambassadors.  

We asked Brad and Brandon to share why they chose to exclusively smoke Goodstock's USDA Prime briskets at 1775:

  • When they sampled the Goodstock product and began serving it, they remarked that it is consistently tender every time
  • Regular customers noticed, commented on, and appreciated the difference in quality immediately after they made the switch 
  • Goodstock's outstanding customer service team took the time to understand their needs and customize a program that worked for everyone, and they stand behind the product 100%
  • Product sourcing has grown in importance in the industry and among consumers, and Goodstock is trusted throughout the industry for responsibly sourced beef
  • The Goodstock team provided 1775 with a variety of promotional support in the form of printed materials and signage to help inform their customers about the quality ingredients they're serving, and reinforce the ways they stand out from other local BBQ purveyors


About Goodstock Ambassador Program:

Goodstock is honored to partner with discerning chefs and pitmasters across Texas and beyond who recognize the difference consistently high quality craft beef can make for their businesses. Visit our Ambassadors page to learn more and meet all our crew.