Whole Roasted Tenderloin

Whole Roasted Tenderloin


Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 45 minutes

Serves: 12 (4 oz. servings)


  • 3lb. Goodstock Whole Beef Tenderloin (fat trimmed)
  • 1 tsp. Kosher salt
  • 1 tsp. black pepper



Trim any fat or silver skin from tenderloin if needed.  Curl the tail end of the tenderloin towards the middle to create an even thickness from end to end so that the meat cooks evenly.  Use kitchen twine to tie the tenderloin into 1-inch thick sections.

Rub salt and pepper all over the tenderloin and place onto a rack in a roasting pan and let it rest uncovered in the fridge for 1 hour or up to 24 hours.  This dry aging process will help the filets have a nice crust.  (You can skip this step if you don't have time.)

Once ready to cook, preheat oven to 425˚F.  In a large skillet, on high heat, sear each side of the tenderloin for 3-4 minutes.  You can bend the tenderloin to fit into the skillet or cut it if needed.  It is ok to leave the kitchen twine on while searing.

If the skillet is oven safe, like a cast iron, place the skillet with the tenderloin in it into the oven.  If your skillet is not oven safe, then transfer to an oven safe dish.  Roast for 20-25 minutes until tenderloin reaches your desired doneness.  This tenderloin reached 120˚F after 25 minutes.  Remember it is better to undercook slightly than to over cook since you can always cook it more.  The tenderloin will continue to rise in temperature after it is removed from the oven, so be sure to remove it when it is 5-10˚F below where you want it to end up.

Let the tenderloin rest for 15 minutes before slicing.  Do not cover during this time.  Slice, serve and enjoy.