The 5 Best Cuts of Steak for Grilling

The 5 Best Cuts of Steak for Grilling

Cuts of steak come from all different parts of beef cattle, and the amount of fat marbling a piece of meat has is what makes that distinct variation in taste and tenderness. Fat marbling is simply the dispersion of fat within the lean, and the more a steak has, the more tender it will be. The breed of cattle also plays a part in tenderized meat. Angus and Black Angus are cattle that are known for their marbling and taste. The only difference between the two is that Black Angus has 51% of its body solid black. Therefore, both share the same flavorful taste and are the number one choice for delicious cuts of meat. When it comes to mouthwatering steak, Goodstock has the top five you should be grilling this weekend: 

1. Grilling Filet Mignon

Black Angus filet mignon is the most tender cut of beef used for steaks. It comes from the smaller end of the tenderloin and should be well-marbled. You can grill it or cook it in a skillet and is best served blue rare or rare. Blue rare is a style of cooking that is becoming very popular for meat lovers. If you ask for your all-natural Angus filet mignon blue rare, you will receive a cut of meat that is rare on the inside and charred to perfection on the outside.

2. Grilling Black Angus Ribeye Steak

This type of ribeye steak comes from the rib section of Black Angus and is the second most tender cut of beef. Prime Black Angus ribeye has a rating of good to excellent for its marbling and is great on the grill served blue rare, rare, or medium-rare. 

3. Grilling Porterhouse Steak

The porterhouse steak comes from the short loin section, which is located right behind the ribs. It has good marbling and is also very tender which makes it easy to cut and enjoyable to eat. You can grill porterhouse steaks or sear them in a cast-iron skillet for a great, juicy dinner. 

4. Grilling T-Bone Steak

The T-bone steak is named after the T-shaped bone in Angus. This cut is found in the short loin section and is fantastic thrown on a hot grill. A T-bone steak has fair to good marbling, however, that does not take away from its tenderness. T-bones are best served with your choice of spices, cooked rare to medium-rare.

5. Grilling Strip Loin Steak

Strip loin steaks have several names, including New York strip and top loin. This variation of steak comes from the loin section of cattle and can be cooked in a skillet; however, it is better when tossed onto the grill. A Texas Black Angus strip steak has fair marbling but is still very tender. Strip loins taste delicious when made rare to medium-rare

How to Grill the Top Five Steak Cuts

The best way to cook these fantastic steaks is on the grill. Add your favorite marinade or rub and cook them to your liking, however, the top five cuts do not need to be marinated for tenderness — only for you to enjoy your favorite flavor. Many people also prefer their steak well done, but you are losing a lot of flavor and tenderness that way.

Often, less is more when you have a good steak. Just the flavor from the grill plus salt and pepper can make for the best-tasting steak. If you like to add that little extra for your taste buds, add garlic and a combination spice such as blackened redfish seasoning, especially if you plan on searing a cut such as a .

Goodstock USDA Certified Beef

A steak with good flavor starts with how the cattle are raised and harvested. Goodstock uses the Dr. Temple Grandin Responsible Cattle Care Program to ensure all cattle receive proper animal care and best animal welfare. This includes keeping the cattle free from illness and injury, ensuring they are well-fed and have plenty of water, are comfortable in their surroundings, and can exhibit normal cattle behavior.

Our goal is to set the standard for high-quality Angus beef. When Goodstock cattle are happy, our customers are happy. Want to learn more about where are our beef comes from? Contact us today!