Goodstock Proudly Serving Series

Goodstock Proudly Serving Series

Goodstock by Nolan Ryan Serves Up its Proudly Serving Video Series to Spotlight the Brand’s Dedicated Ambassadors and the Texan Communities They Serve


ROUND ROCK, TEXAS— February 2024. Goodstock by Nolan Ryan, a division of Nolan Ryan Brands, announced the release of their Proudly Serving Video Series. Created to celebrate the heart and dedication of pitmasters and restaurant owners, the series launch highlights 6 of Goodstock’s Brand Ambassadors. These individuals are an exclusive group of partners in the food and service industry who showcase a standout commitment to excellence within their local communities.

The Proudly Serving Video Series offers storytelling behind the food and dining experiences that set Goodstock Ambassadors apart. The first-hand accounts of each brand’s origin story, conjointly with their rise to becoming Goodstock Ambassadors, formulate the foundation of each film. Goodstock Ambassadors spotlighted are Texas restaurant legends including 1775 Texas Pit BBQ, Chapps Burgers, SLAB BBQ & Beer, Hat Creek Burger Company, Tommy’s Hamburgers, and Southside Market & BBQ.

“We’re extremely proud of the work our Ambassadors do for their customers and their communities,” said Nolan Ryan Brands CEO Cody Marburger. “We felt it was only right that they tell their own story in their own words, so the public can understand how special and unique they truly are.”

Goodstock tapped Austin-based agency ButterCo to bring to life their vision and videography of the series. In the bespoke creative process, each concept was developed organically from a sit-down interview between Goodstock, ButterCo, and the featured restaurateurs.

“As the ad agency, it’s our mission to take these really rich, sometimes generational stories and translate them into meaningful, resonant creative for a modern day audience. We had so much to work with when it came to Goodstock and the Proudly Serving Series, and it was a really fun process,” said Jeffrey Butterworth, ButterCo’s lead creative and founder. “With restaurants, it can be easy to tell the same story over and over again, but with the creative freedom we had and the direct access to the owners and pitmasters, we were able to unlock what makes each of them special and worth learning more about. We’re very proud of the work and the way the Proudly Serving Series came together.”

Each video offers a behind-the-scenes look into the personal stories behind each Goodstock Ambassador’s business. Whether it’s the story of a food trailer in Austin that has grown to 26 restaurants across the state, the secret to maintaining a 140-year legacy in the industry, a new spin on classic BBQ, or how BBQ is truly a family affair, the Ambassadors share similar values across the board with Goodstock’s founder, Nolan Ryan, and these values have set the foundation for finding and sustaining success within the food service industry.

“Every restaurant is a product of its community — it can’t exist without the support from neighbors. This video series not only supports special members of the community, it sheds light on the other side that as partners we see — people with dreams who worked extremely hard to see those dreams becoming reality,” said Marburger. “Restauranteurs and pitmasters not only put their blood, sweat, and tears into their business, they also believe in leaving their communities in a better place than when they got there.”

To learn more about the Proudly Serving video series, and to watch all of the videos, head to Goodstock’s Proudly Serving page:

About Goodstock by Nolan Ryan Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan has also been a proud rancher for almost 50 years. Wanting to build on his life-long passion for ranching, he opened Goodstock by Nolan Ryan, a boutique butcher shop in Round Rock, in 2020. Since its opening, Goodstock has grown from a destination butcher shop to a key partner within the restaurant industry and can now be found in over 200 eateries across Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado. Goodstock, which serves Goodstock Angus and Goodstock Prime beef, is under Nolan Ryan Brands; the parent company for Nolan Ryan Beef (Nolan Ryan Texas Angus Beef and Nolan Ryan 34 Prime Beef), sold exclusively at Kroger stores and ballparks across Texas.